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- Personalised Portrait from Photo

The price is formed by you. The starting one is the price for one character with no background. Further price varies depending on the options (number of characters, background, etc).

Please describe background details, plot, posture, facial expressions, clothing, accessories, etc in the comments form below.

Please specify everything in details, otherwise any additions will be considered as a new order (You may be charged once again).

Delivering time depends on the complexity of the order. The completed order is usually delivered within 1-2 days.

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If you selected a background, describe it

How many characters

The comment to the order

Describe your wishes for the drawing: clothes, accessories, poses, gestures, etc.

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Add Some Spice To Your Workplace

With the ever bustling, often stressful, and usually drab nature of the workplace, nothing guarantees an immediate injection of tension, nay, comic relief, like a big caricature portrait of employer and employee alike. Anyone who loves classic cartoons like the Simpsons or The Flintstones will get a kick out of seeing their co-workers get just that extra bit of animation with a professionally crafted cartoon caricature.

Capture Big Moments in Style

While a picture is what a thousand words, getting a veteran cartoon character maker to cartoonize your pictures, adds a lot more chuckles, conversation starters, and an outpouring of affection to those words. Turn photos of big, emotional corporate moments into a more lighthearted meaningful gift to keep company culture at a constant high.

Cartoonize pictures of: Sendoffs, Corporate Mergers, Group Portraits, Funny, Awkward Vacation Pictures, Business Meetings, Galas, Random Events.

Turn the aftermath of stressful corporate meetings into a souvenir that brings a smile to the face of participants. Or that big emotional moment for your favorite boss, employee, or co-worker, imagine it in the style of your favorite cartoon characters; that is sure to bring a smile to they and their loved ones'faces.

All art is hand drawn on a graphic pad, to imbue all corporate and employees caricature with an extra touch of personalization and meaningfulness. Turn every picture into a chance for much more with the steady hands of our a industry tested cartoon artistes.

Begin A Corporate Ritual and Foster Team Building

Picture this; an annual corporate portrait with all of the key players and glue guys captured in one frame—with one big twist. Everyone is a stunning, handsome, sharply dressed cartoon character, with clearly identifiable features.

Apart from turning into a fun, goofy tradition, these caricature pictures serve a more practical, if somewhat intangible effect. While a picture can show camaraderie , trust, and bond; going a step further to cartoonize pictures in the workplace encourages friendly banter among coworkers. And as any successful entrepreneur will tell you, a team that jokes together, wins together.

Our Process

Turning your boss or cubicle mate into a big yellow headed caricature is as simple as simply sending in your colleagues portrait or pictures, and describing what hilarious or demure hijinks you want them getting up to when we deliver our carefully, handcrafted office caricatures.

Once we receive your pictures, our team of cartoon character makers, with over two decades of experience painting ideas to life, will get to work making your office caricatures as tasteful as they are eye-catching.

We offer a one-day turnaround for projects, so be rest assured that your coworkers cartoon portraits will make it into the monthly newsletter. Understanding the importance and obvious need for sensibilities in the corporate environment, our projects come with an assurance of measured, yet adequately 40’s cartoon styled jaw dropping humor.

In essence, whatever you can think off, our team of cartoon character makers will create in a near instant, and give you the gift that could effectively then you into the boss everyone loves, or everyone’s favorite coworker.

Dominique Jäger
Dominique J.
01:55 05 Aug 20
Did a great job making my brother to a Simpson’s character. The moment my brother saw it his jaw dropped and the “wow” factor came out. I even asked him “do you know who it is” and he said “it’s me”. And couldn’t stop looking at it. He’s a huge Simpsons fan! Great job!
Susan Heard Mudd
Susan Heard M.
20:40 16 Jul 20
Turned out great! Would definitely recommend.
Edna Ratt
Edna R.
02:12 15 Mar 20
I recommend the Simpsons one
Jessie Hume
Jessie H.
00:52 04 Feb 20
I could not be happier with the portrait I received! It came very shortly after I ordered it and looks great. My husband was thrilled to receive it for his birthday and couldn’t stop looking at it! It’s a perfect decoration for our bar:)
Racquel I. Escobar
Racquel I. E.
23:41 06 Dec 19
Vlad is very talented, he captured my family’s Simpson’s caricature ON POINT, my son even said, “that’s me alright!” He’s so sweet and understanding, a TRUE artist! He knows the importance of deadlines and is true to his word!!! I recommend Vlad to the whole world if you wanna have some fun art in your collection, VLAD’s THE MAN!!!! Thanks Vlad for making our Simpson’s Christmas portrait for 2019!! Happy Holidays!!🎄☺️🍾🥂
Adam Stoker
Adam S.
13:26 23 Sep 19
I think my portrait looks amazing I will definitely think of ordering some more portraits later on when the time comes
Jeff Kuberko
Jeff K.
19:22 15 Aug 19
I just opened my drawing, it couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m so happy how it turned out. Thank you very much and I will be recommending you to everyone.
Shannon Anderson
Shannon A.
01:38 14 Feb 19
Ordered yesterday got it this morning! Less than 24 hours. Love it so much! Thank you!
Andrea LaBella
Andrea L.
15:44 17 Aug 18
What a great idea for everyone to try
Luke Murphy
Luke M.
04:05 31 Jan 18
Ionia Collaros
Ionia C.
07:37 05 Dec 17
I couldn't be happier with the portrait I received, it came out even better than I could have imagined! This is such a great gift idea that's personalized and unique. To make it even better, it was so expedient and so inexpensive! I cannot wait to give this to my dad for Christmas!
Matt Crombie
Matt C.
21:22 06 Oct 17
Dave's a great artist. Very prompt and accommodating with small tweaks we requested. Highly recommend.
Dany Dyas
Dany D.
12:17 02 Oct 17
Jonathan Yuan
Jonathan Y.
13:01 07 Aug 17
Very prompt service. Only one day from payment to final product. Very inexpensive yet still good quality. I'm very happy!
Cliff Morin
Cliff M.
07:44 24 Apr 17
Telling everyone about your fantastic work and quick service.
Gamze Gökgöz
Gamze G.
00:23 03 Feb 17
Kenneth White
Kenneth W.
21:19 29 Dec 16
Extremely pleased with the product received. Had my wife's head drawn in one of the Futurama jars. Sent a few photos and received a great result. Was part of a larger futurama themed gift for my wife for Christmas. May do something similar in the future. If so I'll be back as a repeat customer. Many thanks
Cassia Rosenstraus-Krojs
Cassia R.
00:35 26 Dec 16
Faye Marie Sauna Townshend
Faye Marie Sauna T.
22:13 18 Dec 16
Maggie Regalia
Maggie R.
18:39 14 Dec 16
You must get one of these portraits. MUST. So much fun, and a quick turnaround! I like the family couch drawing better than any of our previous family photos!
Meg Moore
Meg M.
04:10 28 Nov 16
I received excellent customer service and feedback! I have definitely recommended this to family & friends
Sarah Manserra
Sarah M.
01:14 28 Nov 16
David O'Reilly
David O.
13:46 14 Nov 16
couldn't be happier with what they did - really detailed thoughtful image - and the service is quick and helpful. great value, also.
Howard Greenspan
Howard G.
12:29 08 Nov 16
super professional, super fast, guarantees you will like their work, and exactly as billed. Great! -Howie
Thom Renfer
Thom R.
15:51 05 Nov 16
Philipp Martens
Philipp M.
15:03 08 Oct 16
Jimmy James
Jimmy J.
03:38 24 Sep 16
Dariusz Bogacki
Dariusz B.
19:40 04 Sep 16
Jestem zachwycony efektem namalowanego z mojego zdjęcia portretu. Wyglądam na nim jak prawdziwy bohater The Simpsons. Wszyscy znajomi byli zauroczeni kreatywnością malarza. Portret doskonalszy niż mogłem to sobie wyobrazić!!!! Rzeczowy kontakt i przygotowanie, mistrzowskie wykonanie, mając za wzór TYLKO zdjęcie!!!! Szczerze podziwiam i serdeczniie polecam 😊
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