What happened to simpsonize me website?

If you have been a Simpsons fan for a long time, then you have probably seen the promotional advertisements with your favorite Simpsons characters. Some appear in the “Churchs Chicken” ad, the others (like comedic Homer and Bart pair) in the Butterfinger candies. But there was one particular advertisement that has stood out among the rest. The one started a massive wave of commercial products to simpsonize yourself. That’s right; we’re talking about the “Simpsonize Me” advertisement.

Where did the term “Simpsonize Me” come from?

In 2007, the grand opening of the very first Simpsons movie started. Many fans were honestly hyped to see their favorite characters on a big screen. Exactly here, one of the biggest brands of the United States thought of an excellent idea for a cross-promotion between the upcoming movie and the most famous Simpsons movie. The producers and animators of Simpsons and a marketing team of Burger King created a TV ad called “World Domination,” where they demonstrated how every human in the real world gets “Simpsonized.” During this advertisement, the creators have presented how anyone could get “simpsonize yourself” too (not in a real-life scenario, of course) with an online website called “Simpsonize Me.”

That was, in fact, a second part of the marketing campaign that Burger King and Fox media have created – “The Simpsonize Me” web app. The “Simpsonize Me” website allowed pretty much every single person to upload a photo and create a simpson version of themselves. Once the image has been uploaded, the web application will analyze the specific facial patterns, detect them, and layout a similar face structure on a simpsons portrait of yourself. And that’s exactly how any person could almost immediately turn into a Springfield yellow resident straight from the famous cartoon. 

More than 45 million photos were uploaded to “Simpsonize Me,” while more than 25 million users from 90 countries have visited the website and transformed themselves into “Simpsonized” humans. The website has received outstanding attention from various popular blogs, television, newspapers, and every other possible media source. Several media agencies have even put up web banners that demonstrated multiple games and demos that only increased the initial traffic to the website. Many people have displayed themselves as a simpsonized version of themselves and put them up in various malls around the entire United States.

What happened to Simpsonize Me?

Unfortunately, after the first Simpsons movie debut, the promotional campaign ended. The official website remained for a few years, but after a decent amount of time, the official website has been shut down. Alas, it no longer exists. It’s sad to know that such a vast promotional campaign has ended along with every single component. However, you don’t need to get sad after such a turn of events (even though it was highly predictable). Since now, you can get an even more quality Simpson yourself version via other, alternative methods.

Where can I make a Simpsons portrait now?

See yourself as a character in the famous cartoon

Since the original website is down, there are a lot of alternative websites, forums, and art services that state that they are capable of delivering an “original art style” for a simpsons portrait of yourself. However, not every art provider can produce the same mint and original style that a “Simpsonize Me,” that’s why masterofdonuts.com has taken the spirit of the original creator and took its legacy to a new level.

Masterofdonuts is the first website that took inspiration from the original creator of “Simpsonize Me” since 2013. When nobody picked on the new trend, we took this opportunity to make the classic artwork style even better and faster. Thanks to our organized team and passion for our work, we have minimum turnaround times (usually shipping within 3 days). 

We never let down our customers nor scam them with the deadlines or quality of the work. The overwhelming majority of artists are incapable of self-organization and consistency because they are creative people. With us, on the other hand, you’ll get a finished drawing without any complications or delays at all. More than that, we include various gifts and discounts to our regular clients while staying in contact online 24/7. So if you are looking for a quality, original art style, and pretty fast drawing of yourself in a world of Simpsons, do hit us, and we’ll be sure to take your order with a high priority.